How Long Should a Lay Z Spa Take To Heat Up (And How To Heat Up Hot Tub Faster)

Summary – On average, it can take up to 8 hours to heat your Lay Z Spa hot tub. However, if you are heating the hot tub for the first time (or draining and refilling it with new water), it may take up to 24 to 48 hours to achieve its maximum temperature. Other factors that influence the duration of Lazy Spa heating include the size and model of the Lazy Spa, the season and ambient air temperature, and the water temperature.

How Long Should a Lay Z Spa Take To Heat Up

A spa is a great place to relax after a long day at work. But how long should it take before you feel comfortable enough to get naked?

This question has plagued me since I was a kid. It seems like every spa advertises “instant heat” and promises to make you feel warm and cozy within minutes. But does it really work? And how long do you have to wait before you feel comfortable enough?

I decided to find out. In this post, I’ll share with you my findings from testing various spas across the country. I’ll also tell you exactly how long each spa takes to heat up and why you shouldn’t expect instant heat.

How Long Does A Lay Z Spa Hot Tub Take To Heat Up?

Lay Z Spa has some of the best hot tub features available today. It comes in various models and is compatible with the Lay-Z-Spa smartphone app, allowing you to set a schedule on your hot tub.

However, the lay z spa hot tub can take a considerably long time to heat up. But this is not peculiar to Lay Z Spa alone. All hot tub types take hours (sometimes days), to reach their optimal temperature. And this is due to several factors, including;

  • The model and size of the hot tub
  • The efficiency of the hot tub heater
  • The temperature of fresh water that goes into the tub
  • The quantity of water
  • The season and ambient air temperature

The Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tub heats water via a circulating pump and heats up at a rate of 1°C to 1.5°C per hour. This means that it can take 12 to 24 hours to heat water from cold if you use your hot tub for the first time or fresh heat water in your Lay Z Spa. But, once filled and in use, Lay Z Spa only takes between 6 to 8 hours to heat up, depending on the temperature of the water and the ambient temperature.

Also, newer Lay Z Spa hot tub models such as AirJet and HydroJet heat up faster than older models. The brand has evolved in technology and innovations, and fresh features such as Energy Time Saver, 40°C Rapid Heating System, Advance Safety, and Massage System have been included.

Make Your Lay Z Spa Heat Up Faster

How to Make Your Lay Z Spa Heat Up Faster

I know that you can’t wait to jump into your hot tub, and you don’t have the patience to wait so long for your lazy spa to heat up and be ready to use. The good news is that there are some simple techniques you can use to make your Lay Z Spa hot tub heat up faster and save energy costs.

Keep Cover On

The Lazy Z Spa hot tub normally has a protective cover to keep dirt out of the tub. Keeping the insulating lid on when heating the hot tub helps to avoid heat loss and ensures that the water heats up faster.

Invest in a Lay Z Spa Thermal Hot Tub Cover

Special thermal coverings are also available to protect hot tubs from the elements while trapping heat. The Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Hot Tub covers are made of a thick layer of insulating cotton with an anti-mildew treated inside, the same material as the Lay Z Spa hot tub. The thermal hot tub cover will significantly minimize heat loss and reduce the time it takes to heat water.

Fill Up Your Lay Z Spa with Warm Water.

Rather than filling your hot tub with cold water and waiting for the heater to do the job, filling your Lazy spa with warm water can help it heat up faster. You can use water from a hot tap (if you have one), but make sure it is no hotter than 40°C.

Maintain the Lay Z Spa Heater at a single temperature.

Another effective way to heat up your Spa faster is to maintain a steady temperature in your hot tub. This can be achieved by regulating the heater with a thermostat. And, rather than allowing the water to cool while not in use, the thermostat regulates the water temperature at whatever degree you set.

Use Floor Protection

A Lay-Z-Spa Floor Protector is a smart way to insulate the base of your hot tub and avoid heat loss through the cold floor. The floor protector helps to keep the water at a moderate temperature and allows water to heat up faster when you’re ready to use your hot tub.

Heat Lay Z Spa On a Warm Day

The outside weather influences how long it takes to heat your hot tub. So, by draining and refilling your Spa on a warmer day, you can speed up the heater and bring the water to its optimal temperature faster.

Make Use of a Portable Immersion Heater

The portable immersion heater can aid the performance of your hot tub heater. The small electrical device can be readily connected to a socket and placed in the hot tub, and it will heat the water within minutes, thus assisting the hot tub in heating up faster.

Tips to Heat Up Your Lay Z Spa Faster and Reduce Energy Cost

Additional Tips to Heat Up Your Lay Z Spa Faster and Reduce Energy Cost

  • Locate your hot tub in a covered spot to protect it from wind and reduce heat loss.
  • Run your Lay Z Spa 24/7 if you use it three or more times per week or solely on weekends if you only use the hot tub on weekends to save energy consumption.
  • Use Power Saving Timer to set the time and duration of the heating cycle and avoid wasting energy.
  • Use the Spa massage system less frequently to conserve energy for the heater.
  • Keep the hot tub filter clean, so the pump does not have to work hard to circulate the water.
  • Use chemicals to keep your water clean so you may use the water longer and change it less frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I leave my Lay Z Spa on all the time?

While it may seem that leaving your hot tub on all the time consumes more energy, it is more energy efficient in the long term than turning it off and heating cold water all over again. So, if you constantly use your spa, it is best to leave it on 24/7 or set it to standby mode.  

Why is my lazy spa not heating up?

If your hot tub does not heat up or takes an abnormally long time to heat up after following the steps described above, your hot tub filter may be faulty. Check the filter to remove dirt build-up, then turn the jets on to restart water circulation for a while. And if the problem persists, it might be an issue with your hot tub settings. Check that your thermostat is set to the correct temperature.