Do Bedroom Closets Need Doors: And How To Cover Open Closets

Summary – Bedroom closets do not need doors. Many homeowners worldwide are adopting the concept of open closets because of their space-saving and aesthetic benefits. However, putting doors on bedroom closets is not outdated, and it has its own set of benefits, such as privacy, security and protection of items, and aesthetic appeal to the bedroom.

Do Bedroom Closets Need Doors: And How To Cover Open Closets

As a homeowner, you may have found yourself questioning the necessity of closet doors in your bedroom. Do they really serve a purpose? Are there any benefits to leaving closets open and doorless?

While some people swear by closet doors for privacy and organization, others argue that leaving them off can actually create more space and lessen the feeling of clutter. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of having doorless bedroom closets.

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home, renovating an existing one, or simply considering making changes to your current setup, understanding the potential advantages (and drawbacks) of open closet design can help you make an informed decision.

Should Bedroom Closet Have Doors?

Should Bedroom Closet Have Doors

It is totally up to you whether your bedroom closet is open or has doors. A bedroom closet, whether walk-in or reach-in, does not require doors. In reality, open bedroom closets are the current vogue in most modern homes. This does not mean that having doors on your bedroom closet is outdated. In fact, many individuals still choose to retain doors in their bedroom closets.

So, if the closets in your new home have doors, you don’t have to remove them or change the closets as long as they are functional and match the sort of bedroom décor you’re creating. Also, if you want to remodel your home, there are many attractive bedroom closet door designs to pick from.

However, if you feel the need to remove your bedroom closet doors, whether because they are taking up space, are damaged, or do not match the style of your new bedroom décor, it is okay to take off bedroom closet doors; just ensure to engage a professional to do the job to guarantee it is done perfectly, and your entire closet is not damaged.

Why Do Bedroom Closets Have Doors?

No matter what type of closet door you have, whether it is a slab door, a bi-folding door, or a barn door, bedroom closet doors serve one important purpose: they keep your clothing secure and arranged. However, there are other advantages to putting doors on your bedroom closet.

Keep Cloths Clean and Safe

Closet doors aid in preventing dust and dirt from reaching your clothes. It also helps to protect your clothes from the direct effects of the hot sun and UV rays, thus helping to extend the shelf life of your dress.


If like me, your partner and children have unrestricted access to your bedroom, you’ll realize that bedroom is not fully private. As a result, the only option to have some privacy in your bedroom is to store some items in your closet and lock them. For example, you can keep birthday and Christmas gifts hidden from children until the big day.

Having doors on your closet also helps to keep your clothes out of the reach of children and keep them from ruining your outfit.


Having doors in your closet also provides some level of security to your possessions than an open closet. You can keep money, watches, jewelry, and other investment pieces without worries.

Cover Up an Untidy Closet

I get too busy at times to tidy and organize my closet. Don’t blame me; everyone has once been guilty of leaving their home in a state of disarray at some point. But, even though I don’t let my closet stay messy for too long, the closet doors do a great job of hiding the mess until I’m ready to reorganize it.

Adds To Aesthetics

Although closet doors are typically an overlooked part of bedroom décor, they significantly influence the space’s appearance. The color of your bedroom closet doors adds visual appeal to the room.

Make The Room Appear Less Crowded.

Your bedroom can appear too crowded without closet doors showing off the different colors of clothes on the hanger. But, with the closet doors, the area seems less cluttered and appears calmer.

However, one significant disadvantage of closet doors is the amount of space they take up in the room when opened. As a result, more homeowners are embracing the concept of open closets. 

Why Open Closets without Doors Are the New Trend

Open closets have become the norm in many European states. However, the trend has spread beyond the borders of a continent to other areas of the world, particularly the United States.

The appeal of open closets stems from the fact that they help to free up space in the bedroom that would otherwise be taken up by the door while also allowing you to showcase some of your clothing collection.

Here are some other reasons why you may wish to keep an open closet;

More Space in the Bedroom

Open closets provide More Space in the Bedroom

Open closets allow you to fully blend your cloth storage with the atmosphere of your bedroom while also increasing the room’s square footage. With the doors removed, you have more space to place a reading table or a bedroom studio in your room.


An open closet lets you show off your clothing, bags, and shoes. And, because they are not hidden behind doors, you know exactly what you have and can simply identify where a certain piece is in your closet. It also makes it easier to decide what to wear when getting dressed.

Minimize Cost

I’d have loved to state that open closets are less expensive, but that’s not exactly true because the cost of your closet will vary based on the design and material used. However, open closets reduce construction costs since doors would have been an extra cost if they had been incorporated into the specific design.


Leaving the bedroom closet open adds color and charm to the space. The colorful clothes complement your bedroom’s distinctive design and assist in injecting life into your area.

How to Maintain Bedroom Closet without Door

To create a proper dressing room environment within the bedroom with an open closet, you must have a highly tidy closet.

So, whether you have a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, it is important to keep the closet space neat and organized if you choose not to use closet doors. Also, keep the closet uncluttered at all times.

How to Cover Bedroom Closet without Doors

While a traditional door might be annoying because it takes up physical space, keeping a closet completely open all the time may not be the best idea because it exposes your clothes to dust and stains. The solution then is to use decorative coverings on the bedroom closet to protect its contents while also improving the closet’s functionality and attractiveness.

Below are a few alternatives to bedroom closet doors.


Curtains Cover Bedroom Closet without Doors

Curtains are not only a fantastic alternative to closet doors; they are also an important item of bedroom décor. They help to add to the color of your decor without taking up your room space.

Folding Screens

Folding Screens Cover Bedroom Closet without Doors

Another perfect solution for your closet is a folding screen. They serve as a false wall to hide the closet and provide some privacy when dressing. They are easy to fold up when not in use and will fit any size door opening.

Room Dividers

Room Dividers Cover Bedroom Closet without Doors

These are not closet covers per se. They simply help to hide the view of your closet from other parts of the room while also demarcating the space for dressing to give some privacy. Room dividers are lightweight and easy to store.


Beads Cover Bedroom Closet without Doors

Beaded curtains provide partial coverage for your bedroom closet and add color and texture to your room’s décor.

Glass Doors

Glass Doors Cover Bedroom Closet without Doors

A glass door may significantly improve the overall functionality of your closet. They are built sliding and provide several benefits to your closet and bedroom area, such as displaying your favorite piece, functioning as a mirror, and preventing dust and grime from reaching your clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Good Size Closet For a Bedroom?

A regular reach-in bedroom closet is around 24 inches deep and 36 inches wide, but a walk-in closet is typically 32 to 36 inches deep and 36 inches broad.

Must a Bedroom Have a Closet?

A room does not need to have a closet to be considered a bedroom. However, listing agents and mortgage lenders often use closets as criteria for a bedroom when pricing and financing a property purchase. However, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) does require an emergency escape in all bedrooms.