How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat? All You Need To Know

How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat

It can be difficult to know how long it takes to preheat an instant pot for a first-time user. However, it is a critical step before cooking anything in your newly acquired kitchen gadget. 

As you may know, an instant pot handles the cooking process for you, so you don’t have to worry about the timing and temperature requirements for each dish.  But first, it is important to understand the basic techniques for getting your electric pressure cooker to work.

So, in this guide, I’ll go over the instant pot’s first and most important function – how long it takes an instant pot to come under pressure. I’ll also touch on some of the issues you might run into during the preheating stage. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a good understanding of how the instant pot works and how to get the most out of it.

Summary – Generally speaking, the Instant Pot will take about 10 minutes to preheat. However, if you are cooking a large batch of food or a recipe that requires a longer cooking time, you may need to increase the preheat time to 15 minutes or more.

How Much Time Does an Instant Pot Require to Heat Up?

The average preheating time for an Instant Pot is 10 minutes or less. However, it depends on the model and power level. If you have one of the newer Instant Pots with a Quick-Start function, you can use that feature to preheat the inner pot quickly without waiting for the timer countdown.

Also,  Preheating your food can help to cook it faster, depending on the recipe. If you’re using a pressure cooker, don’t use the pressure cooker feature for recipes that require less than 10 minutes. Instead, try some of these other tips:

Basic Steps to Preheat an Instant Pot

One great thing you can do with your Instant Pot is preheating it when you want to cook your food. Here we will explain the basic steps involved in raising the temperature of your Instant Pot.

Step 1

Press the “Manual” button to change the program to “Preset” mode.

Manual button to change the program to Preset mode to preheat instant pot

Step 2

Press the “Adjustment” button and set the time to 3 minutes in the first field, followed by pressure cooking time (high) in the second field, and adjust the knob to 70℃.

Step 3

Start cooking by pressing the “Start” button (after preheating).

Step 4

After cooking, wait 5 minutes before using or opening the lid; this will ensure that all pressure has been released safely.

When Should I Preheat My Instant Pot?

If you want to cook something that needs a long cooking time (e.g., meat), you should always let it heat up before you start cooking.

Suppose your recipe calls for a longer cooking time than what is recommended by your manufacturer (e.g., braising). You can try turning down the temperature or adding more water or stock to prevent boilovers during cooking.

Why Is My Instant Pot Stuck on Preheat? And What To Do

Instant Pot will automatically go into preheat mode if you haven’t selected a recipe yet, or if there are no instructions entered in any of the steps in a recipe. For example,  If you choose the Meat/Stew option, the preheat function will happen automatically because there are no instructions for those steps.

Why Reheat Food in an Instant Pot?

 The microwave may not be the best option for reheating your meals, but the Instant Pot is a great alternative! Here are the reasons why:

Its Numerous Functions

The Instant Pot appeals to me since it is a 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker. It can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute/browning, yogurt maker, steamer, and warmer. This implies that you may reheat leftovers in the Instant Pot using various settings.

Quite Quick

The word “instant” gives it away, but I found the Instant Pot to be quicker and more effective at evenly reheating leftovers than waiting for them to do so on the stove.

So Simple

Maintaining an eye on different reheating techniques, such as using the burner, will be ideal. Then, you won’t need to stir, watch, or keep track of the time because it will let you know when your food is done. Instead, you may let your leftovers cook on their own in the Instant Pot while you are away.

How Do You Use an Instant Pot?

The cooking time varies based on the type of recipe you are using. The instant pot uses low, medium, and high-pressure settings. How much heat your pressure cooker needs depends on how much food you cook.

If you have an electric pressure cooker, the heating up time can be shortened by a large amount of water in the pot when it starts heating.

Also, cooking with an Instant Pot requires that you have patience and set aside time to prepare your food accordingly. Cooking with an instant pot is easy once you learn the ins and outs!

Here are some basic usage precautions;

The Instant Pot and its Lid Holder

The lid must be large and bulky to withstand the extreme pressure inside the cooking pot and to fit all of the Instant Pot’s safety features. Condensation from the cooking process coats the underside of the lid, which can then drip all over your counters. Finding a place to store the lid without making a mess is difficult.

 Safety Comes First As Steam Is very HOT.

Safety Comes First for instant pot

Steam can severely burn you because it is hotter than boiling water. Therefore, keep your hand away from the steam release valve when performing a quick release.  Currently available Instant Pot models have a button that opens the valve, allowing you to safely keep your hands away from it.

You should also be careful when performing a quick release if your Instant Pot is close to cabinets. It can leave a lot of condensation on the cabinets that could eventually cause damage. 

Instead, you can tent the valve with a kitchen towel while performing a quick release to help moderate the steam. The towel trick can also be used when cooking foods that can sputter goop through the steam valve, such as oatmeal, beans, and porridge.

Simple Mistakes Made with Instant Pot

Simple Mistakes Made with Instant Pot

1. You’re leaving the warm button on.

You want your food to be warm when you sit down to eat. You do, of course. However, be cautious when using the Instant Pot’s Warm button because it has strong capabilities.

Sure, it’ll keep your meal nice and warm, but it’s also still cooking during that time so that you could end up with overcooked food. So instead, wait to eat until you’ve sealed in the heat in the pressure cooker.

2. You’re adjusting the timer rather than the cooking time. 

One of the simplest ways to convince yourself not to eat dinner at all? Realize that you didn’t cook anything the entire time after your timer went off.

To ensure you have a steaming hot plate of food when you want it, use the Manual setting on the Instant Pot rather than accidentally setting the timer. Although a rookie error, it is nonetheless a typical error.

3. You skipped the water test.

The water test might not seem important, but skipping it could ruin potentially tasty food. It lets you get to know the Instant Pot and make sure everything is working properly.

It’s there to make sure you’re comfortable using your cooker. So you must press the buttons and observe what happens when you press the quick release.

4. You made a mistake using the Instant Pot on the stove.

Keep your Instant Pot as far away from other hot surfaces as possible. Otherwise, it will quickly become damaged. The bottom of your Instant Pot will melt if you place it on a stove or close to a heat source.

Though it should only be used on the countertop, occasionally, individuals either forget or place it on the burner, where it is accidentally turned on by someone unaware. Unfortunately, this mishap will force you to purchase a brand-new appliance.

5. You’re not turning the pressure valve to the sealing position.

Verify that your pressure valve is properly set before cooking your food. You must set the valve to the sealing position once the pressure cook mode has been activated, this is because some people leave it in the venting position by accident, and the pressure won’t build up properly if it’s not sealed. You’ll have wasted all that time since your food couldn’t be cooked.

FAQs On How Long Does Instant Pot Take to Preheat

Why Does Instant Pot Take so Long to Preheat

Your Instant Pot has a long preheating time because it needs time to build up pressure before performing any tasks in the programmable mode or using any of its other functions. This is because all pressure cookers need time for their valves and safety devices to become pressurized before they begin cooking anything.

Should the Instant Pot Release Steam While Heating Up?

If steam comes out of your appliance while cooking, the steam valve isn’t sealed, and your food won’t be cooked. Ensure the Instant Pot steam valve is closed correctly every time you use your pressure cooker.

Can the Instant Pot be Cleaned in the Dishwasher?

The Instant Pot base has delicate electronic components that make it unsafe to go in the dishwasher. To clean it, just wipe it with a damp towel. Also, avoid washing it in the sink, so you don’t damage the components.

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