How To Decorate a Split-Level Entryway: 8 DIY Ideas To Upgrade Your Foyer

How To Decorate a Split-Level Entryway: DIY Ideas Upgrade Foyer

Split-level entryways can be a bit of a decorating challenge. With their unique layout and multiple levels, it can be tough to figure out how to make the most of the space. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll share 10 creative ideas for decorating your split-level entryway. From stylish storage solutions to eye-catching accents, we’ve got a range of tips and tricks to help you transform your space. So if you’re ready to make a statement with your entryway, keep reading!

8 Split-Level Entryway Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Foyer

1.    Let Natural Lighting In

Let Natural Lighting In

You can’t afford to keep a dark entrance, especially if it’s a split-level entryway. This is because the area is compact and vital for guiding your visitors into your home. Light also helps to create the illusion that the entryway is larger than it is. So, as much as possible, start your entryway décor by preparing for its lighting.

By using a glass door and window as well as transparent window coverings, you can bring in as much natural lighting as needed to brighten up your entryway.

You may also improve the illumination in your foyer by using artificial lighting such as wall and table lamps, an overhead lamp, or a chandelier.

2.    Add an Interesting Wall Design

Add an Interesting Wall Design

Because a split-level foyer often has a tiny area, the easiest approach to make an impression is to give the wall a bold and beautiful design that draws attention and gives your visitors something to stare at as they enter your house.

You can have hand-painted graphics on the wall instead of using wallpaper. This can be costly, but it is an excellent way to demonstrate class and character. 

3.    Add a Sizable Mirror

Add a Sizable Mirror

Yes, the mirror not only enhances the natural light in your foyer, but it also appears as artwork in its own right. Also, the mirror can serve as a reflecting surface which helps you check yourself out to see if you are well-dressed for the occasion.

4.    Add Storage Furniture

Add Storage Furniture

Making a storage space is one way to design a functional split-level entryway. This entails installing a shoe rack, a low-profile chair that acts as a seat for putting on and taking off your shoes, and a peg rack or coat hook on the wall to hang keys, scarves, coats, and handbags.

You clearly can’t have all of this furniture in your hallway at the same time without it being too cluttered. However, to make your split-level entryway effective, pick a storage piece of furniture that you find most useful and add it to the space.

5.    Add Some Color

Add Some Color

Another way to create a vibrant and welcoming entryway is to paint the wall a stunning color. You could paint the wall, woodwork ceiling, and door a unifying color.

To give your foyer a homey and friendly vibe, I recommend working with a lighter entrance color palette such as a white backdrop, blue, and a gorgeous shade of mint green.

Also, pick paint with a durable finish. Your split-level entryway should reflect your class as much as possible, and the paint quality is a smart place to start. 

6.    Hang Some Wall Arts

Hang Some Wall Arts

How about you turn your entryway into an art gallery and give your visitors something to talk about as they step into your home? This design by House 9 Interiors is a typical example of a beautiful blend of vibrant paintings, properly organized on the entryway wall to give an eclectic sense as you and your visitors enter your house.

Picture frames can also be hung on the foyer wall. Having photos of relatives and friends on your stairway not only serves as basic décor but also helps to personalize your corridor. It is a nice feeling to be reminded of your favorite moments every day. 

7.    Add Some Fresh Plants

Add Some Fresh Plants Foyer Décor

Another way to add interest to your foyer is to place a fresh plant on the side of the door or the wall. Amazon has a plethora of floor and wall-mounted plant vases to help you keep your fresh plants.

But if you can’t afford to keep fresh plants, you could use artificial greenery. They also look lovely in the vase and make the room feel lighter and more natural.

8.    Use Entryway Rug

A foyer rug greatly improves the appearance of your split-level entryway. The rug adds to your space’s aesthetic while keeping it clean.

Just place a vibrant rug in front of the entrance and a matching runner on the stairs to improve your home decor. 

Use Entryway Rug

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decorate an Entryway Table?

Decorating your entryway table helps to immediately introduce your style and character to your visitors as they step into your home. You could leave the table clear if you intend to use it as a storage space. And you can decide to liven it up by adding plant vases, books, storage baskets, table lamps, and other accessories.

How Do I Extend My Small Entryway?

  • Build an extended pouch. 
  • Add lighting.
  • Add exterior outlets
  • Add front door makeover.
  • Paint the entryway with bright colors such as white to make a small entryway appear wider.