How to Stop Fountain Water from Turning Green

Summary – To stop fountain water from turning green, ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of the fountain, and apply algaecide to the water to prevent algae growth. 

How to Stop Fountain Water from Turning Green

Ever wonder why fountain water turns green after a few days? It’s because the chlorine in the water reacts with organic matter in the air and forms chloramines. Chloramines are toxic and cause health problems such as headaches, nausea, and skin rashes.

This problem has plagued many fountains since the early 1900s. Fortunately, a simple solution will stop the greening of fountain water forever. In this article, I’ll explain how to fix this problem once and for all.

Why is Your Fountain Water Turning Green?

The most common cause of fountain water turning green is algae growth. Other causes of colored and smelly fountain water include leaves, dirt and debris buildup, bird droppings, and still water.

Algae Growth

Algae are microscopic plants that grow in water and on moist surfaces. They are also known as seaweed and come in green, red, or brown colors.

Algae growth in your fountain turns the water green, causing an irritable sight that detracts from the beauty of your fountain. Furthermore, algae in your fountain water can disrupt its operation by clogging the pump and filter.

Algae buildup is also usually triggered by still water and direct sunlight. So, if your outdoor fountain is constantly turning green, it could be due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Leaves and Dirt Build-Up

On a stormy day, nearby tree leaves, weeds, and dirt can easily find their way into your water feature and contaminate the water. If the leaves are not removed immediately, they will decompose in the water and turn green.

Bird Drops

Birds flying over and perching on your fountain can easily drop their feces into the water, contaminating and discoloring it.

Still Water

Algae, dirt, and debris can accumulate and contaminate the water when the fountain is turned off for too long. The water can also become discolored and smell bad.

How to Prevent Algae Growth in Fountain

How to Prevent Algae Growth in Fountain

Because algae are the primary cause of fountain water turning green, it is critical to stop them from growing. Algaecide is a simple and effective way to accomplish this.

Several commercial algaecide products on the market can be used to treat fountain water, pounds, and pools. These products eliminate existing algae in the water or prevent algae from growing in clean water. Ensure you get an algaecide safe for pets and children and follow the user instructions carefully.

To apply Algaecide to your fountain, follow these steps:

Step 1: Clean the pound

Before using the Algaecide, it is best to clean the fountain and remove any existing algae thoroughly.

Although the chemical can help to eliminate the existing algae in the pond, the decomposing algae can often act as a fertilizer to aid in the growth of new algae. However, by removing all existing algae. The chemical helps to keep the water clean and prevents algae growth for an extended period.

Step 2: Dilute Chemical

The algaecide should then be diluted with water. A safe chemical solution typically comprises one part algaecide to four parts water. However, you can read the product label to find your product’s exact measurement.

Step 3: Pour the Solution into the Water.

Pour your properly mixed solution into the fountain near the pump and watch it work. The water will initially appear frothy as the algaecide begins to work. However, it eventually clears from the water and the water becomes clear.

How to Clean a Fountain in 7 Easy Steps

As you can see, algae growth isn’t the only cause of green fountain water; dirt and debris buildup can make your fountain water unsightly and stinky. It is therefore critical to clean and maintain your fountain regularly to keep it clean and free of green growth.

Here’s how to clean properly:

Step 1: Turn Off the Fountain

Before cleaning, turn off the fountain’s power source.

Step 2: Drain the Fountain’s Water.

Draining the water and scrubbing the fountain to remove dirt and plants is the most effective way to clean it. And if you are deep cleaning your fountain, you should begin by completely draining the water.

However, because deep cleaning can be stressful, you may only do it every three months. Otherwise, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fountain’s base.

Step 3: Unplug the Fountain Pump and Filter.

You must clean the pump and filter separately. So, please remove them and soak them in a bowl of hot soapy water or white vinegar solution. Then scrub them thoroughly with a brush to remove any accumulated algae or dirt on the surface. Finally, rinse your pump and filter under running water and set them aside until it’s time to replace them.

Step 4: Hose Down the Fountain

To remove surface dirt, rinse the fountain with high-pressure water. You can use a hose to spray clean water on the fountain’s walls and floor.

Step 5: Scrub with Soap and Water

Following the first rinse, you can wash the fountain with a mild detergent or a special fountain basin cleaner. To remove stubborn stains, apply the cleaner to the fountain’s surface and scrub with a non-abrasive brush.

Step 6: Rinse the Fountain.

After scrubbing, hose down the fountain again to remove soap residue. Then, using a wet vacuum, remove any remaining water.

Step 7: Put the Fountain Back Together.

Once you’re satisfied that the fountain is clean enough, return the pump and filter. Then, refill your fountain with clean, fresh water before reactivating the fountain’s power supply.

Tips to Stop Fountain Water from Turning Green

Additional Tips to Stop Fountain Water from Turning Green

  • Inspect your fountain regularly and remove any algae or dirt buildup.
  • Change the water in your fountain once a month. Changing your water helps to get rid of any algae that are growing.
  • Make use of distilled water. Although running your fountain on distilled water is expensive, it is an excellent way to maintain clean fountain water if you can afford it.
  • Because direct sunlight encourages algae growth in water, place the fountain in a shaded area to avoid frequent algae growth.

Frequently Asked Questions On How to Stop Fountain Water Turning Green

Can I Put Bleach in My Outdoor Fountain?

Yes. Bleach can be used to clean your fountain. A bleach solution helps to kill and prevent algae growth in a fountain. However, depending on how harsh it is, a diluted bleach solution should be a mix of one part bleach to nine parts water.

When Should I Replace My Fountain Pump and Filter?

If the fountain water still gets dirty quickly after cleaning the pump, consider replacing it. You must also change the filter regularly.