What Color Siding Goes With Redbrick? (13 Color Siding For Red Bricks)

Summary – Red bricks are a classic architectural style known for their ability to combine various colors to reflect the owner’s style. They look good with neutral siding colors such as white, gray, taupe, and brown. But to maintain a cohesive exterior look, use red-colored siding or match the red siding with other complementary colors.

What Color Siding Goes With Redbrick

Red brick homes are beautiful by themselves. But sometimes, you may need to remodel the siding to enhance its look due to aging bricks or a change in taste and color. However, you must carefully plan your redbrick siding design and color to achieve the best exterior design for your home. Making a poor choice of color could ruin your home look and make you hate the siding.

So, what color siding can go with your redbrick wall? While there are many options to choose from, below are a few of our favorites that are sure to give your home the curb appeal you’re looking for.

The Color Wheel Theory 

The Color Wheel Theory for Red Brick Siding Color

Here’s where I’ll start! 

Color wheel theory plays a huge role when choosing any siding color for a home. So, before I dive into colors that best fit with red brick, you should know some essential principles of home color pairing. 

Neutral colors  

These colors occupy a position in the center of the color wheel. They are often considered black, white, gray, brown, and brown. Neutral colors can be paired with basically any color. Neutral colors are the safest and the most reliable colors used on both the interiors and exteriors of a house. 

Analogue Color 

These are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. These colors are quite similar, sometimes different shades of the same color, and can work well together. Examples of analogous colors are purple and blue, orange and yellow, and Blue and violet. 

Complementary colors

These are relatively high-contrast colors on the color wheel. They are known to be dramatic and bold. They are also sometimes called opposite colors, and examples include Black and White, blue and orange, yellow and purple, and green and red.

Why should you care to know these?

Well, knowing how colors function alone and with one another can help to improve your choice of siding color, especially when looking to pair two or more colors on your redbrick wall.

For instance, pairing complementary colors is a good way to achieve bright and eye-catching exterior design; they can also help highlight your home’s various architectural features. Check out this Guide to Complementary Colors for more useful information.

13 Popular House Siding Colors for your Red Brick Homes 

Now that you know the different categories of color, let’s look at some paint colors that are best paired with redbrick walls. 

1.    Yellow Color Siding 

Yellow Color Siding for Red Brick Siding Color

The yellow color can be an excellent match for red brick homes. The bright and sunny properties of yellow make it an excellent color choice for your siding with red bricks. However, the lemon hues of yellow provide the perfect shades to bring out your home’s lighter tones and make it look attractive. 

2.    Gray Color Siding 

Gray Color Siding with redbrick

Gray is a popular neutral color and one of the most used for interior and exterior home designs. 

The gray color siding helps to provide stability and balance to most color plans when used as an accent color. So pairing a gray color siding with your red brick wall helps tone down the flashy look of red bricks and helps blend your interior and exterior designs smoothly.

3.    Blue Color Siding 

Blue Color Siding for Red Brick Siding Color

Blue is a popular siding color for red bricks. Pairing cool colors with bright colors can provide a vibrant, bold contrast. And since blue and red are bold colors, both colors work together to highlight the architectural elements of your home’s exterior. However, sticking to darker shades of blue when painting redbrick siding is advisable.

4.    Cypress Siding 

Cypress Color Siding for Red Brick Siding Color

The cypress color as siding is known to work well in regions that value more natural tones and colors, such as the ones found in the fields, woods, and trees surrounding the communities. Although, this muted green color is close to neutral colors found in conservative regions. 

5.    Taupe Color Siding

Taupe Color Siding for Red Brick Siding Color

Are you still looking for a warmer alternative to shades of white? Look no further. Think about the deep natural taupe color for siding. Although, it’s darker than a nude color and lighter than brown color. The taupe color is another perfect example of natural color to consider for your red brick house. 

6.    Sage Color Siding 

Sage Color Siding with redbrick

Sage green color siding is known to complement red brick. Choosing this lovely color accent helps balance the drama involved in a red and regular green combo.  

7.    White Color Siding 

White Color Siding with redbrick

White is by far the ultimate neutral color, meaning it can easily pair with any color and work in any kind of design. But unlike other neutrals, white is known to be bold and bright. When used on your redbrick siding, the classic white color will add an overall lightness to your home and any color scheme used. 

8.    Cedar Color Siding 

Cedar Color Siding with redbrick

Not every home looks good when painted with a solid color; most homes look best when stained with color instead. The cedar color stain is a warm, rich color that makes the home’s character come out. This color can be used alone or with a calm tone for more contrast. 

9.    Marigold Color Siding 

Marigold Color Siding with redbrick

Are you looking for a light color to brighten your home? Then choose the pale, yellow tones of Marigold. This warm color will help brighten your home, making it attractive without being too bold. 

10.          Natural Clay Color Siding 

Natural Clay Color Siding with redbrick

This color is popular with homeowners who like white but necessarily want a full shade of the color in their homes. Although this off-white is better than cream or tan, it is still warm and cool enough to add some personality to your exterior décor. The natural clay color would also pair well with tan and beige. 

11.          Black Color Siding

Black Color Siding with redbrick

If you want to attract the classic modern look to the exterior of your home, choose black as an accent color to your red brick design. The color, classy and sleek, contrast with red brick perfectly. 

12.          Red Color Siding 

Red Color Siding with redbrick

Yes, you can also paint your red brick wall “red”. If your aim is to renew the fading color of your old redbrick house, then a primary shade of red would ensure a perfect blending effect and produce a bold, cohesive, comprehensive look for your exterior. 

13.          Brown Color Siding 

Brown Color Siding with redbrick

Are you looking for a darker, warm, complementary color to your brick home? Choose a brown shade. It’s a deep, versatile color that helps complement the red brick color. Naturally, neutral colors flow perfectly with red brick because they match all colors. This brown sliding will help keep your house understated and very simple. 

Do you like my list? Feel free to let me know how you feel and add your suggestions for color siding that can be used to enhance a redbrick home. 

How to Choose the Perfect Siding Color for Your Redbrick Home

Perhaps my list of color samples still get you confused on the exact choice of color to go with your redbrick wall. Here are some additional tips to help you make your choice seamlessly. 

  • Try to pick a color that reveals the brick and let it shine. Even when you choose a neutral color, pick a color not too close to the red brick, or it will all blend and look muddy. 
  • Also, since most colors tend to look 3 shades lighter outdoorstake some of the sample’s homes with you and put them against the house to compare and see what they’ll look like outdoors. Or better still, find a house with the same color sliding and imagine what you want. 
  • And if these picture samples don’t look real to you, check your neighborhood for homes with red brick and siding for samples. 

FAQs On What Color Siding Goes With Redbrick

Is Red Brick out of style? 

Redbrick is a superior and classic building material. And with its qualities, it will never go out of style. However, most designers and homeowners are embracing the idea of adjusting their red brick design by whitewashing and painting the surfaces. Notwithstanding, some homeowners still prefer the traditional classical look of red bricks. So, it’s still a current trend to use red brick. And its unique look will always be elegant and valuable. 

Does my siding color need to match the brick? 

You don’t have to match your siding color with the brick wall. And you’re free to use any tone and shade of color to accent your home bricks. 

But if you want your home exterior to have a cohesive look, then match the siding as close to the color of your brick as possible. For instance, use a red-colored siding for a red brick home. You can also achieve a uniform exterior look by using different neutral tones that help coordinate your brick.