Can Led Light catch on fire?

Can Led Light catch on fire

This is a question in the minds of more than a billion people. The trend of fire caused by electrical malfunctions and failure is looming, and many of us are looking for the various electrical appliances used in our daily lives. Hence, why do we need answers to the question, “ can lead light catch on fire”?

Summary – Yes, LED lights can catch on fire, but it’s not very likely. LEDs are made of semiconductor materials that conduct electricity, but they don’t get as hot as other types of lightbulbs. This means there’s less chance that an LED light will cause a fire.

Can it Catch on Fire? Let’s See!

Led lights are a sophisticated way for lightning in terms of their various designs and functions. Unlike traditional bulbs with filaments that produce heat and light when energy flows through them, led lights have electrons that flow to create light.

They utilize tiny semiconductors encased in plastic to protect the elements and focus the light and use a heat sink located at the base of the bulb that takes in heat to one area and keeps the other parts cool. 

This means that led light emits less heat and considerably reduces the potential fire for hazard.

However, this doesn’t eliminate its “potential” for causing a fire hazard. Any electrical appliance will catch on fire if it is poorly used.

So, let’s talk about the factors that can make LED lights catch on fire.  

Factors That Can Make LED Lights Catch On Fire

Led Light Over Heating

Led lights are limited by how much power they can handle. The more voltage increase, the more heat is emitted, and this is capable of causing extreme damage to the LEDs, wires, or even the plastic cases and can result in a fire.

Generally, when it comes to electrical safety, overheating is of crucial concern. Therefore, necessary precautions must be taken to avoid potential fire danger.

To prevent your led lights from overheating:

  • There must be adequate heat-sinking to prevent LED lights from overheating. 
  • Buy high-quality LED lights.
  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended wattage for your bulb.

Faulty Wirings or Installation 

A flawed lighting connection can make many things go wrong. Using faulty switches or exposed wires that can create a spark is an example of faulty wiring and installation. The spark can consequently make your LED light catch fire; it is even worse if there is a flammable item just by the corner.

To prevent fire caused by wrong wiring or installation,

  • Plan installation. Know what to do and how to install your LED light successfully before installing it.
  • Monitor your lights always. LED light flickering could be an indication of faulty wiring.
  • Seek professional help for any suspicions of faulty wiring or installation.
  • Take away flammable items from your led light.
What Can Make LED Light catch fire

Enclosed Fixtures 

An enclosed fixture is where the light bulb is encased in a way that does not allow for proper airflow or ventilation. 

Unlike most bulbs, LED lights don’t do well in hot environments. Obstructing the heat dispersion system of your light fixtures can make your LED light malfunction and result in short circuits, overheating, smoke or fire.

To avoid enclosed fixtures from making your LED light catch on fire,

  • Ensure proper ventilation, and avoid enclosing your bulbs in glass and plastic instead of open air.
  • Buy bulbs that are enclosed fixtures rated if you must. 
  • Follow wattage instructions for your LED light fixture.

Simple Guidelines on How to Prevent Your LED light From Catching on Fire

Since we have explored some factors that can make LED light catch on fire, it is right that we state general precautions you can follow to keep your LED bulb safe and away from a fire hazard.

Buy Quality LED lights

Cutting corners with your electrical appliances can cost you more than buying quality ones. So why don’t you outrightly go for quality LED lights? Low-quality LED light compromises the performance of your LED light and the material it is made of. It may expose your LED to damage that can make it cause a fire.

How do you know a Quality LED light?

  1. The Packaging and the Label: Any quality LED light is packaged beautifully and neatly, and the label content includes useful information like rated voltage, power range, etc. Low-quality LED light can come badly packaged without the necessary pieces of information written on the content of the label.
  1. The Temperature of the LED Light:  If your LED light has a very high temperature and uneven heating, there are chances it is low quality.
  1. Start-Up Performance: Any good LED light begins to glow about two seconds or less after it is connected to power. And the higher the temperature, the faster it comes on. If your LED light flashes bright light quickly, there is a problem with the quality.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

When using LED lights, read the manuals and follow the instructions to understand how LED lights function to enjoy their full benefits without worrying about fire hazards. Some examples of these instructions include.

  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended wattage for your bulb.
  • Make sure to use the right led bulb that suits your fixture
  • Avoid touching your LED light when it is turned on.
  • Keep flammable materials away from your LED light.  

Seek Professional Installation Service

Seek Professional Installation Service for Led Light

Hire a good electrical installation company to fix your LED light and consult their help whenever needed. They are willing to help. An expert will ensure thorough electrical safety if you aren’t familiar with installing LED lights. Be

Make Use of Dimmers

LED dimmers regulate the flow of electricity and prevent the lights from flickering. It can potentially lessen the power supply output, thereby reducing the amount of heat produced. Using dimmers while installing your LEDs can prevent overheating.

FAQs On Can Led Light Catch on Fire

What is the Warranty of LED Lights?

LED light warranty differs by the manufacturer and the type of LED fixture.  However, most LED lights often come with lengthy warranties ranging from three to seven years. If your LED fixture breaks down on its own, without any cause for damage, before the warranty period elapses, it should be repaired or replaced for free.

How Long Can You Keep the LED Bulbs on?

If your LED light is properly installed, there’s no reason to be frantic about how long your LED light can be kept on. It can stay on for the 24 hours we have in a day without any problems.

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