What Can I Put Behind A Reclining Sofa? (A Guide To Arranging Reclining Furniture)

Summary – You can beautify your space by putting furniture behind your reclining sofa. This can be anything from a coffee table to a sideboard. You can also hang a tapestry or piece of art on the wall behind the sofa. Placing a plant behind the sofa is also a great way to ass a bit of life to your living room. 

What Can I Put Behind A Reclining Sofa

There is no doubt that a new reclining chair set would add so much comfort to your living space. But the problem is how to arrange them in the first place and what to do with the smaller-than-usual gap between the sofa and the wall. 

So, what can you put behind a reclining sofa? The answer is anything you want! Whatever you decide to do, just make sure it’s something you love. After all, it’s your space!

However, I’ll walk you through a few ideas that will add a bit of style to your space and ensure your sofa stays in place.

What Should I Consider When Arranging Reclining Furniture?  

Arranging Reclining Furniture

Know your available space: This will help you choose which pieces of furniture will work best and how they should be arranged in your room.  

Consider the distance from walls: You should always consider how far away from the wall you want your new furniture to be. For example, I don’t recommend placing a reclining sofa against the wall.  The back of the chair could damage the paint or wallpaper as it swings back and forth.

Sizes of The Furniture: If you need to put two leather couches together, but they’re different sizes, try arranging them at an angle so that one of them doesn’t overpower the other completely. 

This could mean placing one on either side of a coffee table or arranging them in an “L” shape with a low coffee table in front. 

How Do You Arrange a Reclining Sofa?

  • Choose a large piece of artwork or picture above the sofa — this will help pull the whole room together. 
  • If there isn’t enough space above the sofa, hang artwork on either side of it instead. 
  • Arrange smaller pieces around the edges of your room; this will make it feel more cohesive. 
  • In addition, you can fill the center space with other furniture or plants so that it looks good and serves a purpose too! 

Can I Put a Reclining Sofa Against the Wall? 

A reclining sofa is best placed a few inches away from the wall. This allows the chair to recline backward, giving you a comfortable experience without worrying about hitting the wall.

Also, the edge of the furniture could easily damage your wall painting when hit against it constantly. So, the proper arrangement of recliners is to leave at least 18 inches between the chair and the wall.  

10 Things to Put Behind a Reclining Sofa 

You have several alternatives when setting up your living room furnishings with a reclining sofa. Here are some ideas:

1.     Artwork/ Abstract painting/ Photographs 

Artwork Behind a Reclining Sofa 

The ideal solution is to position art or another decor behind your recliner. This will help to break up the space, making the room look more interesting and exciting. 

Many different types of artwork can be used behind a reclining sofa, but abstract painting is one of the most popular. These paintings are usually very colorful and tend to have many shapes on them as well. 

In addition, the colors are usually bright and contrasting, which helps them stand out in any room. 

Another type of artwork that you should use behind their reclining sofas is photography prints or photographs. 

These can be printed on canvas or plain paper if you don’t want to spend too much on them. The cost of each picture you buy won’t be prohibitive, so if you have a tight budget, this might be something to consider. 

2.     Mirrors 

Mirrors Behind a Reclining Sofa 

You should also consider using mirrors to add depth and interest to your room. Mirrors on opposite sides of the room can also add depth and dimension to a living or family room. 

If you like this idea, consider using mirrored panels instead of individual frames for an even bigger impact on the room’s appearance.  

3.     End Table 

End Table Behind a Reclining Sofa 

A solid piece of furniture, like an end table, is one way to add depth to your room. The piece should be large enough to fill the space and draw attention from the sofa itself. 

Ideally, it will be darker in color than the sofa, but not so dark that it competes with the fabric for attention. 

4.     Shelves 

Shelves Behind a Reclining Sofa 

A shelf is one of the most popular items to place behind a recliner. This is because you can use it to display your favorite collectibles and decorative items. However, you can also use this space to store things that are usually hard to reach, like books, magazines, and newspapers. 

You can even opt for shelves with doors to hide away all those things you don’t want other people to see.  

Shelves with doors are very popular today because they make it easier for people who do not want their living room cluttered with too many things at once. 

They also have the advantage of preventing dust from gathering on the items displayed on the shelves, ensuring that they always look clean and presentable even after years of using them in your home.

5.     Cabinet 

Cabinet Behind a Reclining Sofa

A cabinet is another great option to decorate the wall behind your recliner. The cabinet can be either wooden or made out of metal. It can have doors, or it can be open. You can even opt for an antique-looking cabinet that will add a touch of class to your home decor.  

6.     A Bench or Two

Bench Behind a Reclining Sofa

Benches are great because they can be used for extra seating when you have more people than available seats. Benches also help keep people from tripping over your reclining sofa if they get up at night and don’t see the recliner in their way.

7.     A Music System

Music System Behind a Reclining Sofa

If you are going to invest in a good sound system (and you should!), then you may consider placing them behind your beautiful new sofa to reduce clutter in the living room. 

8.     A Coffee Table 

Coffee Table Behind a Reclining Sofa

A coffee table is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what to put behind a reclining sofa. So many people love using them because they are sturdy enough to hold up any weight that might be placed on them. 

Other than that, they also come in all shapes and sizes, which means they will fit perfectly in any room – no matter how small or large!

9.     A Plant Pot

Plant Pot Behind a Reclining Sofa

If you want something more decorative than practical, plant pots are an excellent option for decorating the back of your sofa. This item comes in various shapes and sizes, which means there will be one for every type of room out there! They also make great accessories because they can brighten up any room.

10.     Stools

Stools Behind a Reclining Sofa

Stools are perfect because they are small enough to fit behind most recliners without getting in the way of anyone walking by them or sitting down on them accidentally.

FAQs On What Can I Put Behind A Reclining Sofa

Can I Get a Matching Ottoman For My Recliner?

Yes! Many brands sell matching ottomans designed specifically for their chairs or couches. Some even have storage compartments inside that can hold remotes and other small items while you relax at home with family and friends.

Can I Put a Reclining Sofa in Front of a Window? 

Yes, but you must ensure that the window treatment is fitted correctly. For example, if the window is near the top of the sofa, you can use curtains with a heavy rod pocket for support. If it’s lower, use sheers or even shutters to soften the look. If there’s no other furniture in front, consider adding a console table or an upholstered bench. 

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